You should contact Fast Track Restorations to inspect your home. We are in Melbourne, Australia and serving right through Victoria. Whether you have had a leak, can see wet spots forming on your walls or ceiling, or whether you want to be proactive in protecting your family, we can help you.

We can take care of your home and business mold inspections. Our team is highly trained and experienced in inspecting and investigating mould in homes and businesses. We can detect whether there is an unhealthy amount of mould present in your home and also find the places that a mould infestation may be hiding.

Mould infestations are commonly found on wood or on the plaster board in a home. Mould needs organic material to survive, and the building materials in homes allow mould to thrive. There are some ways that mould can be removed from a surface and the surface would not need to be replaced, but there are other times when the mould is more severe that the surface may need to be replaced with new material. We must also inspect how the mold was able to grow there in the first place, and that is why having a thorough and trustworthy mould remediation company is so important.