case studies

Every job is different, and so are the techniques we us to restore them.

Every project we restore brings its own unique challenges. And over the years, we’ve faced them all. From limited access to sites, working around venues that continue to operate, extreme weather conditions and more. In fact, if you can think of a way to make restoration difficult, then we’ve faced it, and found innovative ways to get around it.


thermal imaging to save a church

A week from opening, we were called in to assess water damage and begin immediate restoration in order to restore the church and get it back on track for its launch.

Using our innovative thermal imaging, we could determine the water damage was far greater than what was visible, which led to different restoration techniques. By being able to understand the deeper roots of disasters, we fixed more than the surface issues so the problems don’t need rectifying again.


RESTORATION in a working aged care facility

More often than not, we are faced with restoring damage whilst businesses or facilities continue to operate.

In this instance, seven levels of a retirement village needed restoration, and relocating the residents was not an option. In close co-ordination with the owners, we created an innovative restoration plan that fixed the issues fast, whilst not disrupting the daily routines of the elderly and dementia patients.


drying water damage in sub-zero temPS

Peak ski-season at Mount Hotham is not the most ideal place to face sever water damage, but we were up for the challenge.

Not only did we endure sub-zero temperatures, we had to coordinate logistics for the removal of damaged materials, and set up of specialised restoration equipment in one of Australia’s most remote and inaccessible areas.