Flood Restoration Melbourne

Has recent rain or flooding left damage throughout your home or office? Do you need professional help to restore your property?


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Flood Restoration Melbourne

Many unexpected incidents may crop up due to floods. From plumbing issues to busted hot water pipes, to bathtub overflows. Not to mention the construction defects, damp basements, foundational problems, and toilet overflows. 

At Fast Track Restorations, we offer a professional, 24*7 flood restoration and clean up service in Greater Melbourne. No problem is too big and no job is too small for us. We do everything we can to protect what matters to you the most. 

Being one of the leading specialists of flood restoration in Melbourne, we respond immediately to mitigate your loss, clean up the water, fix the damage, and dry the area to prevent mould and mildew growth.


Not just all claims, we deliver what we promise.

We understand how you may be overwhelmed with emotions, but we make sure to take immediate action, assess the damage and fix it. Like many restoration companies we DON’T cut corners or use “magic” spray. 


24 Hrs, 7 Days a Week

We provide 24*7, professional damage restoration and clean up service. To minimise the water damage, we extract excess water even before we assess the condition of the property. Because the slower the drying process, the more the problems can crop up in the future. 

We Provide Emergency Flood Damage Restoration Service across Melbourne

With over a decade of experience in flood damage restoration, Fast Track Restorations has become experts in your specific needs. In certain cases, we also work with insurance companies and reliable contractors to make sure your home looks fantastic just like before. You can trust us with your investment. When you call us, we perform quick water extraction, followed by damage assessment, and provide a rough estimate so that the restoration process can be started as soon as possible.

Our professional services are cost-effective and designed at keeping the safety of your property in mind. Using sustainable cleaning practices, we aim to reduce our impact on the environment. But that’s not all! When it comes to cleaning the area, we are very cautious around the equipment as well as the type of products we use. Rest assured that we use only biodegradable products for cleaning surfaces and sanitise the area once everything is done.

Flood Water Damage Repairs Melbourne

Serving Melbourne and surrounding areas, we follow the best practices to eliminate/ reverse damage caused by the flood. We work around the clock, arriving at the location within 60-90 mins of the call, along with powerful & safe water extraction equipment. We prioritise water extraction so that flood water damage repairs are minimised, costs associated with repairs is reduced. Another important factor during flood water damage restorations is saving time and money. That being said, our dehumidifiers and fast-drying systems will reduce the dampness in no time.


Contact us today for a technician to attend your property within 90 minutes.


Contact us today for a technician to attend your property within 90 minutes.

Our Flood Damage Restoration Process:

After we extract the water from your property, we will be able to assess the damage done by the flood. Our technicians at Fast Track Restoration have detailed knowledge about flood water damage restoration & remediation. Here’s what you can expect from the process:


Moisture Detection

Our technicians will use professional-grade moisture detection equipment to evaluate the area. We will assess the moisture levels throughout the property to plan out the remediation process. This step will also give you an insight into the damage caused by the flood and how much to expect from your insurance provider.


Evaluate The Overall Condition Of The Property

Our technicians will evaluate the plumbing issues and water damage caused by the flood, identify the source of water intrusion and document signs of visible damage and microbial growth.


Structural Drying And Mould Prevention

Once we understand the current condition of the property, we will lay out the drying goals for the affected area, use top-notch equipment to reverse the damage caused, eliminate the hidden moisture, and sanitise the area to prevent mould growth.


Flood Restoration

We will work on the affected areas, fix all the issues, and restore your property to its normal state. From plumbing to electrical to structural defects, we will identify the underlying problems and eliminate them from the root.


Scrubbing & Cleaning

Our technicians are highly experienced to clean the entire property after everything is done, ensuring no issue crops up in the near future. We use professional cleaning techniques to maintain hygiene and ensure any trace of the damage is removed.

We walk you through every step of the process because it’s your property, your investment, and you deserve to be in the loop. 

Allow us to restore your property and maintain the highest cleaning standards at highly affordable rates. If you need emergency restoration and cleanup after a flood, don’t hesitate to contact Fast Track Restorations.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“FTR came out quickly, set up all the fans and dehumidifiers while explaining to us how to monitor and manage them. He came back regularly to check on them until we were completely dried out (which he verified using infrared cameras so we could actually see that it was really dry inside and out). He also gave us good advice on what to talk to the builders about to ensure that they checked thoroughly for mould when they came to replace the ceilings”.
Will Davis

Flood Restoration

“Using Fast Track Restorations to repair the water damage in our Reception area allowed us to get back to normal as quickly as possible. They responded promptly and efficiently, were professional, polite and effective. Would highly recommend them to anyone needing water damage rectified.”
Jordan Cassar

Flood Restoration


At Fast Track Restorations, we protect what matters the most. Your property, your investment. We care about you, and therefore, use top-grade equipment to eliminate microbial growth and restore your property to its previous condition. 

Fast Track Restorations has been operating in the industry since 2010 and the knowledge and experience during this time has made the team a premium supplier of restoration and specialist cleaning services in Melbourne, Australia.


Let Us Successfully Restore Your Property!

Our specialisation in mould remediation and water damage restorations puts us on the radar of property owners in Melbourne. Once we inspect the extent of the damage, we tackle each area individually and determine the suitable approach for remediation and cleanup.
We also inspect for underlying issues, mould formation, and sanitise the affected area. Your safety is our upmost priority
Allow us to restore your property and maintain the highest cleaning standards at highly affordable rates. If you need emergency restoration and cleanup after a flood, don’t hesitate to contact Fast Track Restorations. 

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