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Mould Remediation

Our Fast Track Restoration technicians are IICRC Certified professionals trained to recognise the remediate your mould issues in a safe and contained manner.Mould growth can occur as a result of flooding, sewer backups, plumbing and roof leaks. Mould persists in poorly ventilated areas such as damp basements, bathrooms and kitchens. Not all mould looks the same – there are many different species in a variety of colours and textures. If left untreated, mould can be destructive to property and poses significant health risks to people. Allergy sufferers, small children and the elderly are most susceptible to the dangerous effects of mould contaminants.

Mould spores are a common occurrence in household and workplace dust. When mould spores are present in large quantities, they can present a serious health hazard causing allergic reactions and respiratory problems. Some moulds can also produce mycotoxins that can lead to neurological problems and in some cases, death.There is no magic spray that permanently eradicate mould. The only solution is following the IICRC guidelines and recommendations. Our Fast Track Restorationprofessionals are highly trained in the process of mould removal.

To properly remove and remediate mould our technicians first seal off the contaminated area(s) to prevent the mould from spreading then remove all heavily affected materials and clean the surrounding area with specialized anti-microbial chemicals and agents. During this process, we also run specialized equipment to clean any mould spores in the air. This is an important step because often mould can be removed off surfaces but remains in the air. It is imperative that once you determine there is mould in your home or business, mould removal is completed by the professionals at Fast Track Restorations. Improper mould removal and remediation in the process of cleaning mould can increase the level of its existence in your home or business and expedite the harmful growth. Instead of saving your property and your health and those around you, improper mould removal could be the reason for cross contamination and further damage to your property and family or occupant health.

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