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Structural Drying

Standing water can destroy materials as strong as wood, plaster, drywall, and even concrete. But the moisture this water leaves behind is cause for alarm too. Even small amounts of dampness and humidity can allow decomposition to continue. When conditions are humid and moist they encourage the growth of mold. Once mold begins to grow it can hurt your health and require an extensive remediation project. Don’t discount the presence of moisture after any kind of water damage. Seek out structural drying from Fast Track Restoration so that you can get serious about returning to normal.
The right time to get started with structural drying is the minute the standing water is gone. The longer building materials remain moist, the more extensive the water damage will become and almost immediately after a flood mold can begin to grow and spread. It is a mistake to wait weeks, days, or even hours to get started with structural drying. We understand how essential a fast response is, and we never keep our clients waiting
Structural drying is just one component of an entire process that is important from beginning to end. First, you will need to get rid of any standing water and stop whatever source is supplying that water. Then, you will need to get rid of anything that has been too damaged to save. Depending on the scale of the damage, that can mean a major disposal. Finally, you will need to get serious about structural drying, possibly mould remediation, and odor neutralization. With just one call to Fast Track Restoration you can get all the help you need exactly when you need it. 
The tricky thing about moisture is that it can literally hide anywhere and everywhere. If any source of moisture is missed, it can throw off the entire restoration effort. You know things are being done right when you work with Fast Track restoration because we have years of experience working on countless structural drying projects. Our team knows how to work fast, safe, and without omissions. If you want to entirely erase the signs of water damage from your home or business, trust Fast Track Restoration to provide you with the highest-quality structural drying services.

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