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Being one of the leading specialists of mould removal in Melbourne, we know how to safely remove any trace of mould and disinfect the place to prevent further mould growth. We also perform mould remediation Melbourne. Our IICRC certified technicians offer 24/7 emergency response services and mould damage assessment. We are highly trained in the identification, treatment and prevention of mould and are available to provide a home mould removal and remediation quote to clients all over Melbourne. After professional mould removal, we clean and sanitise the area to stop future contamination and eliminate anything that can affect your health. We also advise you on how to safely tackle mould in the future.

What is Mould and What is the Best Way to Manage It?
Mould is a naturally occurring fungus that looks like mushrooms and thrives in a damp, dark, and humid environment. It is omnipresent. Generally located everywhere, they release and multiply under the right conditions. From water pipes to timber, cardboard and plasterboards. But mould not only looks bad, but it is unhygienic & can cause severe health problems. It causes respiratory issues and stomach allergies in people, who previously had none, and weakens the immune system. When unattended for a long period of time, the spores can trigger an asthma attack too.

You can generally spot mould in basements, roofs, bathrooms, and walls. Its lifecycle is entirely dependent on its environment. When these mould spores find themselves in dark, damp, and warm areas, they multiply in large quantities and form visible patches. When managed timely, you can reduce potential health problems and treatment costs.

The best way to manage mould is to identify the source, remove it from the surface, fix the water damage issue, if any, and perform a deep clean to prevent further contamination. However, mould removal and remediation is not a cakewalk. It requires professional help because mould removal specialists know what they are doing. So if you are suspicious or have noticed patches of mould contamination, call us before it’s too late.

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